SwimSafe Floatsuit...

This revolutionary new SWIMMING AID, invented in Australia – has made water wings, swim vests and floats a thing of the past! The Swimsafe Floatsuit allows 2-5 year olds to learn to swim safely, confidently and easily!
The SWIMSAFE Floatsuit is made up of a full swimming suit with built in panels of thermo foam around the body and the neck, leaving your child’s legs and arms free, in turn allowing your child to swim freely and naturally. The swimsuit material is a durable Lycra with a UPF 50+ rating, protection your child’s delicate skin against the suns harmful rays.

An important feature of the SWIMSAFE Floatsuit is the patented 'Ring of Confidence' around the neck, helping to keep your child’s head above water. The Swimsafe Floatsuit comes in various exciting styles and colours, including the NEW green, purple and blue camouflage! Swimsafe Floatsuit has exceeded Australian, American and European standards.
Please bear in mind that this is a Swimming Aid for young children and NOT a life preserver.  Children wearing the suit must be under competent adult supervision at all times.  Please comply strictly with the age to weight ratio specified on the suit.
Swimsafe Floatsuit
South Africa
e-mail: sales@swimsafe.co.za